3 Falls wrap up

The 2016 edition of the 3 Falls Trail Run proved to be a resounding success, with thousands raised for the Kloof Conservancy. The event saw just over 300 runners take on a challenging 18.5km route , with 80 walkers tackling the 6.5km route in the Krantzkloof Gorge.

Podium finishers

unnamed.jpgThe 2016 ladies event was won by first time participant Zoe Papadakis in a new record time of 02:15:02. In what was a hotly contested event, second place went to 2013 winner and previous record holder, Alison Misselhorn in a personal best time of 02:16:01. Nomalanga Goba (2:17:35) astounded spectators as she blitzed her way to third place barefoot.

1The 2016 men’s winner was Claude Eksteen who was also winner of the event in 2014, on a slightly shorter ‘clockwise’ course. Claude was just outside the record set by Eric Ngubane in 2015, but set a blistering pace and took an early lead which he never relinquished. Nomore Mandivengerei finished off in second (1:50:39) with Derek Wasserfall in third (1:53:31).

Not just about winning

3 Falls has been hailed as one of the toughest shorter distance trail runs in South Africa and everyone who participated deserves to be commended. The event is as much about the experience as it is about the winning, and for many, it was a spectacular event.

214-year old Jaime Watkins, the youngest runner, ran with her dad and came in 46th position in the ladies event.unnamed (1)72-year old Crawford Reid, who marshalled at last year’s event, was so inspired that he decided to run this year.

Celebrating five years

This year was the fifth edition of the 3 Falls Trail run, which has seen numbers of participants increase steadily over the years. Since it’s inception, there have been eight runners who have completed all five runs and they were acknowledged at the event by receiving personalised race numbers. Amongst those eight was a family of three featuring mom Denise Reyneke and daughters Cara Pechy and Fiona McCarthy (pictured). The remaining athletes were Kevin Williams, Margie Foord, Dave Mercer, Byron Field and Dawn MacKay. unnamed.jpg

Full results are available here

Next up is the Kwa-Ximba Trail Run which takes place on Sunday, 26 October. The event starts and finishes at Durban Green Corridor’s isiThumba Cultural Village on the Umgeni River near Cato Ridge and is part of Kloof Conservancy’s outreach programme that is run each year in partnership with Kwa-Ximba Conservancy. All funds raised go to Kwa-Ximba Conservancy’s environmental projects.

Kwa-Ximba Trail Run features three distance options ranging from easy to advanced. The 7 to 9km fun run takes participants through a flat run along the Umgeni River with a short section in the Mngcweni Valley, while the 16km trail run includes a short climb in the Mngcweni River valley before turning back down to the Umgeni River.

For the more serious athletes, the 22km trail run including a steep (450m) ascent to the Denge Plateau followed by a descent into the Mngcweni River valley before another very steep 300m climb to the top of isiThumba Mountain. From the top of the mountain it is a very steep, descent to the finish.

Enter online here


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